Drinking Away Problems

I used to become overwhelmed with life and drink to cope with that feeling. Eventually I realized the reason my life was so overwhelming was for the most part caused by the drinking. My finances were a mess. What did I do? I spent money that had so many better uses on a poison that would make me feel horrible and steal all my motivation, motivation I needed to turn my life around.

Do you see the cycle?

If you are finding yourself stressed while putting your life back together, be patient. The worst thing you can do is let yourself become overly stressed and negative. You won’t fix everything over night or even a month most likely. You will, however, make noticeable progress over time and eventually reach your goal.

The important thing is to continue making the next best decision so you can keep propelling yourself forward. Enjoy today while working towards tomorrow. It helped me while fixing my finances to think of the bills I had paid off. When I was feeling hopeless, feeling like it was taking too long, I was able to remember the progress I had made.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. As long as you don’t drink and avoid making impulsive decisions, your life will turn around dramatically for the better. You will learn healthy ways to deal with your problems and stress.

I have seen it said that if you drink because you have problems, you now have one more problem to add to your list. It is truly a hoax to drink a chemical your body considers a poison to cope with problems.

You can get so much more out of life and reach heights you never could of imagined as long as you maintain the correct perspective when it comes to alcohol. A tiny bit of pleasure followed by a world of pain in the long term. It is not a good trade.

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